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FAQ for Claim Professionals
  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Structured Settlement?
  3. Why would a claimant want one?
  4. Why wouldn't they want one?
  5. How can the claimant manage the disadvantages?
  6. Why does my company want me to use them?
  7. Which kinds of cases are good candidates for structures?
  8. Which cases are not?
  9. What about case size?
  10. How do I get started?
  11. What's a typical negotiating scenario?
  12. What if the Claimant says no?
  13. Approved annuity issuers
  14. Why annuities?
  15. Annuity Pricing
  16. Reduced life expectancy discounts
  17. What is an "assignment"?
  18. Structure of the deal
  19. Insurance company ratings
  20. The closing process
  21. What do settlement brokers do?
  22. How are brokers paid?
  23. What if the claimant has their own broker?
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What Do Settlement Brokers Do?

A settlement broker's primary job is to maximize the attractiveness of your settlement offers by utilizing the various financial techniques, services, and products unique to their trade. You should rely on your broker to do the following:

  • Design and prepare settlement offers.

  • Present structured offers to Claimants:

    • explain structures

    • answer questions

    • develop custom plans

    • reassure family members and others at interest

  • Provide tactical support

    • Confirm use of approved annuity companies

    • Ensure capture of all available pricing discounts

    • Prevent use of questionable funding arrangements

    • Manage structure issues, freeing you to focus on other claim/legal matters

  • Establish maximum tax efficiency

    • Tax-free payments for physical injuries

    • Tax-deferred payment for non-physical injuries

  • Ensure maximum security

    • Quality of funding instruments

    • Diversification of funding instruments

    More than one annuity company

    More than one kind of annuity (where suitable)

  • Handle future questions from claimants

    • Minimize the time you spend taking calls from former claimants on structure-related issues.

Relying on a proven broker will maximize the value of your settlement budget, make negotiations go smoother, and save you hours of time and effort. They are settlement professionals. Use them.