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The word essay is derived from the French word essayer, which means "try". The word "essay" originally meant trial or attempt. Michel de Montaigne was the first author to describe his or her works as "essays" - which means that they were attempts by an author to express his thoughts on paper. An essay may be either autobiographical or personal in nature. In either case, the essay writer's aim is to present the reader with a balanced analysis of the topic.
The cost of hire an essay writer depends on the urgency of your order and the amount of words you require. Generally, a professional essay writer will charge between 30 to 50% more than a ghostwriter. While ghostwriters are cheaper, they are often unreliable, so you should be wary of these services. Also, ghostwriters do not have the same reputation as reputable essay writing services, so they often charge lower fees.
What is a Structured Settlement? [more]

An alternative form of settlement that offers economic benefits to all parties:

  • improved planning, security, and tax benefits for claimants
  • Higher value offers and reduced costs for defendants
Who Qualifies For One? [more]

Structures are not available to the general public. To qualify you must:

  • have suffered a
    personal injury
  • represent someone who has suffered a personal injury
What's New?

» New Loan Program Announced for SS recipients
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break line » CBS News MoneyWatch says structures offer "significant advantages"
Click here to see the full article November, 2011.
break line » Henry Strong wins “Outstanding Article of the Year” Award from Leading Fiduciary Educational Institution. [Read more]
break line » Learn what the Journal Of Financial Planning thinks about structured settlements. [.pdf]
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What are the Advantages? [more]
  • Tax-advantaged income
  • Long-term financial security
  • Built-in spendthrift protection
  • Exceptional design flexibility
  • Guaranteed lifetime payments
How Do I Set One Up?