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May 7, 2009

At its 2009 National Conference, leading fiduciary educational institution “fi360” announced the awarding of its “Outstanding Article of the Year” award to JMW President Henry L. Strong for an article he co-authored with David Cordell, Director of Finance Programs at the University of Texas at Dallas.

The article, entitled “Fiduciary Focus: The Prudent Allocation of Structured Settlements and Post-Settlement Trusts”, was published in the Spring 2008 edition of the American Bar Association’s The Brief. In granting this award, fi360 reported:

“Henry’s article looks at the fiduciary implications of settlement planning for lawyers and judges, and introduces the idea of “modern settlement theory”, the integration of structured settlements with post-settlement trusts as a form of allocation that reduces risk and increases returns for settlement recipients, akin to modern portfolio theory for investors. The article was chosen for best fulfilling our primary criteria of focusing on helping fiduciaries better understand and perform their roles.

Specifically, the article highlighted the fiduciary liability facing settlement attorneys who might not have adequate training in modern finance, offered creative yet practical guidance for attorneys in the commission of their duties, focused on the positive end result to claimants that may result through sound fiduciary procedures, and demonstrated the application of fiduciary concerns beyond retirement planning that is largely our focus. The article was well written, clearly supported, and furthers fi360’s mission to promote a culture of fiduciary responsibility in the investment community and beyond.”

Henry welcomes any questions or comments on the article itself of the subject matter generally. Email him at: henry.strong@jmwsettlements.com.

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Click here for a .pdf copy of the article.