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SS Loan Program

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Structured Settlement Loan Program
Important News for Attorneys, Judges, and Settlement Fiduciaries

Recently, the very first bona fide bank loan became available to structured settlement recipients.

Why is this important?
Because until now, payees who might need emergency access to the value of their structured settlement payments had no option but to do business with the late-night TV “Cash Now” payment purchasing people - people who were always expensive and sometimes harsh in their sales tactics.

What makes this different?
-Instead of having to permanently sell their valuable future payments, people with a structure can now borrow against the value of those payments, just as they might borrow against the equity in their home.
-They are dealing with a federally regulated financial institution that charges much lower rates, instead of having to negotiate with an unregulated factoring company that charges whatever the market will bear.
-The repayment plan can be automated and established for just a portion of the payment stream, as needed. Once the loan is repaid, the client’s payments can click back up to their originally scheduled amount.

What else do they need to know?
Not every structured settlement payment stream will qualify for a loan. This has to do more with the timing of payments rather than the security of the assets. Also, these transactions must still be court-approved in the states where laws require it.

What’s in this for JMW?
More flexibility and a better deal for our clients. We make no money on this program and have no affiliation with this particular bank. It seems, however, that they have done their homework and we hope the program fulfills its promise.

For more information, you can read this FAQ sheet or go directly to Esquire Bank’s website. Naturally, you can also give us a call if you would like to discuss this new option.