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How to Establish A Structured Settlement - Injured Persons

  1. Speak up IMMEDIATELY!
  2. If you are represented by an attorney, tell your attorney you want to explore the option of structuring your settlement. If you represent yourself, inform the claimsperson or other defense representative that you are interested in exploring this settlement option.

    Do not sign ANY documents or accept ANY monies until you have considered this choice. Signing a release or actually receiving money may destroy the very tax break you are trying to capture in the first place.

  3. Retain a full-time structured settlement professional
  4. While simple in concept, structured settlements are highly complex transactions subject to strict underwriting and tax rules. Only a full time professional understands these requirements and can guide you through them. We are available by both email and telephone if you wish to speak with us.

    The design possibilities are limited in some ways yet remarkably flexible in others. You will want a professional to explain your options to you and help custom tailor the settlement to suit your needs.

  5. Be careful who you listen to
  6. Surprisingly few investment professionals know what structured settlements are. Even fewer family members and friends have ever heard of them (or are qualified to advise you on financial matters in the first place).

    All too often, well-meaning (and sometimes not so well-meaning) "advisors" make inaccurate comparisons and grossly deficient recommendations, some even going so far as to recommend that you skip the tax break altogether in favor of some other "special opportunity".

    Don't allow yourself to be misled. Congress granted these tax breaks to injured people because they meant for you to have them. If you turn down this benefit now, the opportunity is truly gone forever. Structured settlements must be incorporated into the very settlement agreement itself and cannot be created later.

    In most cases claimants take a portion of their settlement in cash and a portion through a structure. You will still have to find reliable advisors to help you manage the cash portion. Just don't make the mistake of letting someone talk you out of the tax break before you have even learned what you'd be giving up.