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FAQ for Injured Persons
  1. Introduction
  2. What Do I Need To Know?
  3. How Big is the Tax Break?
  4. How Secure Are The Payments?
  5. How Do Structures Compare With Other Investments?
  6. What Are the Disadvantages?
  7. When Would I Get My Money?
  8. What Have Other People Done?
  9. How Do I Get Started?
  10. How Flexible Are The Design Options?
  11. What Is A "Settlement Broker"?
  12. Who Pays Them?
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When Would I Get My Money?

That’s entirely up to you.  The beauty of settlement planning is that you get to decide when the money is paid over to you; there are no artificial start— or end—dates. 

Most people have immediate expenses like attorney’s fees or accumulated debts they’d like to clear up.  To cover these, they start their plan with an immediate cash payment.

After that, people’s needs vary widely depending on their circumstance and the severity of their injuries.  People who are unable to work must create an income stream upon which to live and they will usually elect to receive monthly payments for life. 

Others may not need or want immediate income but have certain future expenses they want to know are covered such as college tuition or retirement income.  Settlement planning gives them the opportunity to dedicate guaranteed funds for that purpose.

Sometimes it helps to see examples of what other people have done.