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FAQ for Injured Persons
  1. Introduction
  2. What Do I Need To Know?
  3. How Big is the Tax Break?
  4. How Secure Are The Payments?
  5. How Do Structures Compare With Other Investments?
  6. What Are the Disadvantages?
  7. When Would I Get My Money?
  8. What Have Other People Done?
  9. How Do I Get Started?
  10. How Flexible Are The Design Options?
  11. What Is A "Settlement Broker"?
  12. Who Pays Them?
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What Is a Settlement Broker?

Settling a claim or lawsuit is a complex transaction, not unlike buying or selling a house.  Many issues must be attended to, some by the lawyers, others by specialists. 

Structured settlement consultants specialize in helping the parties craft the terms of settlement, design the payment streams for the injured, “shop” the financing markets for the best prices, prepare and review legal documents, and coordinate the receipt of future payments.