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FAQ for Injured Persons
  1. Introduction
  2. What Do I Need To Know?
  3. How Big is the Tax Break?
  4. How Secure Are The Payments?
  5. How Do Structures Compare With Other Investments?
  6. What Are the Disadvantages?
  7. When Would I Get My Money?
  8. What Have Other People Done?
  9. How Do I Get Started?
  10. How Flexible Are The Design Options?
  11. What Is A "Settlement Broker"?
  12. Who Pays Them?
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How big is the tax break?

Big.  If you have suffered a physical injury, the tax break can increase your net returns by as much as 30% or higher over what is possible through comparable investment of a lump sum.  See this illustration to understand just how much extra money is at stake.

If your injuries are non-physical, the situation is more complex and the benefit slightly less but still significant. Go here for a more information on settlement planning strategies for non-physical claims.