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FAQ for Trial Attorneys
  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Structured Settlement?
  3. Advantages to the Plaintiff
  4. Disadvantages to the Plaintiff
  5. Managing the Disadvantages
  6. Appropriate Cases
  7. Inappropriate Cases
  8. Case Size
  9. Why Annuities?
  10. Annuity Pricing
  11. Reduced Life Expect. Discounts
  12. What is an "Assignment"?
  13. Structure of the Deal
  14. Insurance Company Ratings
  15. The Closing Process
  16. What Settlement Brokers Do
  17. How Are SS Brokers Paid?
  18. If the Defense Has Their Own Broker, How will My Broker Be Paid?
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Annuity Pricing

Settlement annuity markets are competitive and highly efficient. Prices can and do change daily. It is your broker's job to manage pricing.

For any given plaintiff, annuity rates can vary widely between companies, but rarely vary much between the one or two most competitive companies. Retaining one's own broker assures competitive pricing. It pays to comparison shop annuity companies, but generally not settlement brokers. Most brokers access the same companies in this niche market and by law those companies must offer the same prices through all brokers.